GuGuData API 服务免责声明

欢迎您使用 GuGuData 的 API 服务。我们为用户提供丰富的金融数据接口,希望可以满足您的各种需求。但在您使用 GuGuData 的 API 服务之前,请您仔细阅读并理解以下免责声明。

1. GuGuData 的 API 提供的金融数据仅供参考,且不保证数据的准确性、完整性、及时性、可靠性以及任何明示或暗示的保证。用户需自行判断并承担使用 GuGuData API 服务的风险。

2. GuGuData 的 API 提供的金融数据并不构成任何投资建议,用户使用我们的数据进行交易决策应自行承担风险。GuGuData 不对任何因使用我们的数据进行交易所导致的损失负责。

3. GuGuData 的 API 可能因技术故障或其他不可抗力事件而出现暂时性或长期性的停止提供服务,用户应对此做好准备,并为此可能导致的任何损失自行承担。

4. 未经 GuGuData 明确书面许可,用户不得将我们的 API 提供的数据进行任何形式的复制、修改、分发、出售或租赁。

5. GuGuData 保留对免责声明的解释权和修改权。当我们修改免责声明后,如果用户继续使用 GuGuData 的 API 服务,将视为用户已接受我们修改后的免责声明。

6. 如果用户不接受 GuGuData 的免责声明或对我们的服务有任何疑问,欢迎随时与我们联系。

请您在使用 GuGuData 的 API 服务前,确认您已阅读、理解并接受所有的条款。您的使用行为将被视为对本免责声明的接受,和对 GuGuData 服务条款的接受。

在法律允许的范围内,GuGuData 保留对以上条款的最终解释权。

GuGuData API Service Disclaimer

Welcome to the use of the GuGuData API services. We provide a rich array of financial data interfaces to meet your various needs. However, before you use the GuGuData API services, please read and understand the following disclaimers carefully.

1. The financial data provided by GuGuData's API is for reference only, and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, reliability, or any expressed or implied warranties of the data. Users need to judge for themselves and bear the risk of using GuGuData's API services.

2. The financial data provided by GuGuData's API does not constitute any investment advice. Users should bear the risk themselves when using our data for transaction decisions. GuGuData is not responsible for any losses caused by transactions based on our data.

3. GuGuData's API may experience temporary or long-term service interruptions due to technical faults or other force majeure events. Users should prepare for this and bear any losses that this may cause.

4. Without the explicit written permission of GuGuData, users are not allowed to copy, modify, distribute, sell, or lease the data provided by our API in any form.

5. GuGuData reserves the right to interpret and modify the disclaimer. When we modify the disclaimer, if users continue to use GuGuData's API services, it will be regarded as the user's acceptance of our modified disclaimer.

6. If users do not accept GuGuData's disclaimer or have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Please confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms before using GuGuData's API services. Your actions of use will be regarded as acceptance of this disclaimer and acceptance of GuGuData's terms of service.

Within the scope permitted by law, GuGuData reserves the final interpretation right of the above terms.